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Minecraft Java : 5 best seeds to explore the rare Jungle Edge M/Modified

The Jungle Edge M/Modified is the rarest biome of Minecraft. In my database of 250.000 seeds with 5k map, i only see it 9913 times, it is only 0.04% of chance to see one under 5000 blocks from the spawn. This biome is also very small, you are very lucky if you come across one while wandering in your world. Today, i present you 5 seeds with the Jungle Edge M/Modified biome next to the spawn. I will give you the exact location, so you can enjoy visiting it without walking endlessly.


Jungle Edge M/Modified : Presentation

Before starting with the seeds, let me give you a nice explanation about this biome posted on Gamepedia :

The extremely rare Modified Jungle Edge variant generates only in strict conditions, and is currently the rarest biome in the game, covering only a few millionths of the Overworld by area (the very rare Mushroom Fields biome covers about a thousandth, for comparison). In order for modified jungle edges to generate, a Swamp Hills biome must generate right outside the edge of the jungle. This results in a double-layered transition, with a thin normal Jungle Edge bordering the swamp hills, and the modified jungle edge bordering the jungle. As both jungles and swamp hills are already rare, and even more rarely do they generate bordering each other, the conditions for a modified jungle edge to generate are extremely rarely met. When they actually do manage to generate, they are often just a few hundred blocks in length, but in some cases are less than 10 blocks, making them one of the smallest biomes as well. Modified jungle edges feature the same smooth transition and lowered tree density that regular jungle edges have, though with more mountainous terrain and occasional overhangs. Ocelots, parrots, and pandas may spawn in this biome, but jungle temples do not generate here.

As you can read, you must be very lucky to cross one. Let’s make it possible with some seeds.


Jungle Edge M/Modified : Seeds

Seed : -9110173793211699807

Description : This seed is a great seed with 58 biomes on a 5k map and the center area is only compose of jungle :

1. Jungle is 32.86222%
2. Jungle Hills is 25.09333%
3. Jungle M is 16.53778%
4. Jungle Edge M is 6.53778%
5. Bamboo Jungle is 5.36889%

That is a beautiful place if you enjoy this kind of biomes. If you want to see the rare Jungle Edge M go to +220 +160.

Jungle Edge M -9110173793211699807


Seed : 2363696065304821125

Description : A nice seed with 57 biomes on a 5k map with mainly jungle at the start :

1. Jungle is 55.55556%
2. Jungle Hills is 16.74667%
3. River is 6.33333%
4. Jungle Edge M is 5.37333%
5. Jungle M is 4.00000%

The Jungle Edge M is located at +100 +250 and is quite long around a Swampland M.

Jungle Edge M 2363696065304821125


Seed : 5679392128181845015

Description : A 62 biomes seeds for a 5k map with a very nice spawn.

1. Jungle is 53.57778%
2. Jungle Hills is 30.76000%
3. River is 5.62222%
4. Jungle Edge M is 5.26667%
5. Jungle Edge is 1.47111%

The Jungle Edge M is located right next to the spawn at +30 -180.

Jungle Edge M 5679392128181845015


Seed : 2698907816163296373

Description : A 56 biomes seed on a 5k map with a 3 parts Jungle Edge M around a Swampland M.

1. Jungle is 52.09778%
2. Jungle Hills is 21.31111%
3. Roofed Forest is 7.18222%
4. Bamboo Jungle is 4.02667%
5. Jungle Edge M is 3.56000%

The middle Jungle Edge M is located at -250 +100.

Jungle Edge M 2698907816163296373


Seed : -4117632641796047328

Description : A great 63 biomes on a 5K map, perfect to play with only 3 minor biomes missing.

1. Jungle is 72.25778%
2. Jungle Hills is 23.37333%
3. River is 4.30667%
4. Bamboo Jungle is 0.05333%
5. Jungle Edge M is 0.00889%

The Jungle Edge M is located at -370 +460. A bit more walk to do, but the size of the biome is not bad and the design is surprising.

Jungle Edge M -4117632641796047328


I hope you enjoyed this list. More to come in the next few days !

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