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How to change the difficulty of builds world in premade servers

On my free premade Minecraft servers, when you have a resources world and a builds world, i usually set the builds world in peaceful mode. It means that you can build without worrying about monsters, only peaceful animals will spawn. Some of you may want to add a bit of difficulty to there server and add monsters in the builds world. In this tutorial, you will be able to add monsters in the builds world in less than a minute.


How to change the difficulty of the builds world

First of all, stop your server. Once it is done, you will need an editor, i recommend Notepad++.

  • Go to your server folder > plugins > Multiverse-Core
  • Open the file “worlds.yml” with Notepad++
  • Search for the world “world_build”. You should see this :

Multiverse worlds 1

  • 2 lines need to be change : “difficulty” and “monsters:spawn”. In this screenshot, we are in peaceful mode without monsters. If you want to add monsters to this world, first, set spawn to “true”. Then, you need to change the difficulty. You have 3 choices : EASY – NORMAL – HARD. Let’s say you want to set monsters to hard mode, simply change PEACEFUL to HARD. Here is the result :

Multiverse worlds 2

And you are done ! Save the file and start your server, now monsters will spawn in the builds world. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask on my Discord.

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