Fixed a small issue about 1.16.3 released premade

A small issue has been reported by FraterElan about the new premade survival servers released monday. It concerns the classic plus v1 and v2 : In the build world, you should have only animals spawning, but sometimes you may get monsters. This should not be this way as the build world in the classic plus is in peaceful mode. I corrected this error, so if you download the files now, everything will work as intended. If you have started a server and have this problem, here is the way to correct it :


How to correct the issue

If you want to correct the small issue for the classic plus v1 and v2 released yesterday for a server you are already running simply download this file (5ko) and follow the instructions below :

  1. Once downloaded, unzipped the file and you will get a file called worlds.yml
  2. Stop your server and replace the worlds.yml file located in plugins > Multiverse-Core with the new one
  3. Start your server and the issue is solved !

Sorry for this small issue. I do a lot of testing, but i missed this one. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me by mail or on Discord.

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