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Free premade Minecraft survival server : classic 1.15.2 v2

Today, i propose you the second version of the classic premade server, you can find the first version here. That is a 3 worlds survival server with a perfect seed of 66 biomes, all worlds are pre-generated, multiple plugins are installed and configured, a small spawn is available with portals and the server is fully optimized. This version is harder that the first one with leveled mobs in all 3 worlds. You will have to face monsters ranging from level 1 to 10, they are far more dangerous, faster, do more damage and will make the survival experience more interesting !

You can play locally but you can also install it on an host, it is ready to play. If you have any questions or need help that you cannot find in the guides below, do not hesitate to come to my Discord.


Premade classic v2 : worlds

You have 3 worlds installed in hard mode. All worlds are pre-generated, you will not have problem with people creating lag while visiting the worlds.

  • Overworld : A beautiful perfect seed with all the 66 biomes available ! The size is 5K, it goes from -5000 -5000 to +5000 +5000.
  • Nether : Ready to go and collect from the spawn. The size is 5K, it goes from -5000 -5000 to +5000 +5000.
  • The End : Ready to go and collect from the spawn. The size is 5K, it goes from -5000 -5000 to +5000 +5000.


Premade classic v2 : plugins

14 plugins are installed and configured on the server.

  • Advanced Portals : Allow you to create portals to travel around the worlds (see the guide).
  • Core Protect : Log all actions made by players. This plugin allows you to track stealing and griefing (see the guide).
  • Graves : When a player die, a grave is created with all items and experience. The grave is there for 3 hours with a maximum of 3 graves for each player.
  • Illegal Stack : This plugin fixes many dupes and exploits.
  • Levelled Mobs : Monsters have now level ranging from 1 to 10, they are harder to kill and give a more dangerous survival experience.
  • Limit Pillagers : Fix some lag created by pillagers.
  • Mobs To Eggs : Allow you to catch peaceful creatures with eggs. An easy way to bring back some animals from far away.
  • Multiverse-Core : The plugin that handle the multiple worlds and respawn.
  • No Mob Griefing : Disable some annoying damages caused by monsters such as creepers when they explode.
  • PhantomLib : A library used by some plugins.
  • Phantom SMP : You just need to sleep for a second every 3 nights and you won’t be annoyed by phantoms.
  • ProtocolLib : A library used by some plugins.
  • Villager Optimiser : Fix some lag created by villagers.
  • World Border : The plugin that limit the worlds size.


Premade classic v2 : buildings

This premade server come with a small spawn with portals and an ender chest, you can log in and start playing and travelling around the world right from the start. 6 portals are in place and linked to the spawn.

  • 4 portals allow you to travel around the overworld. Those portals are placed to help the players to travel more easily past 2500 blocks. The first portal is around +2500 +2500, the second is around -2500 -2500, the third is around +2500 -2500 and the last one is around -2500 +2500.
  • 1 portal allows you to travel to the Nether. It is not possible for the players to create their own portal to the Nether.
  • 1 portal allows you to travel to the End. It is not possible for the players to create their own portal to The End.

If you want your players to build far from spawn, i recommend you to build a portals room near the spawn. You can create portals between the spawn and a new location with this guide and it will help your players to travel quickly to their place, but it will also allow other players to visit it easily. A nice idea is to create a village around the spawn, and have portals in each house allowing to travel to the others projects of each players. The possibilities are endless !


Premade classic v2 : download

This premade server is around 6.4Gb unzipped, 4.3Gb zipped. You can download it from my server right here. Please, if you recommend my server, give the link to this post, thank you !


Premade classic v2 : guides

Playing on my premade servers is very easy : first, you need to have Jave 64 bits installed. Just download the server, unzipped it and double click on the run.bat file. After a few seconds, you can play on it in multiplayer with “localhost” as the Server Address. This is a whitelisted server, you need to add players to the whitelist to allow them to join you, yourself first.

Here are two guides that will help you start playing on your server :

Here are three guides that will help you go further :

For more help, please use my Discord.


Premade classic v2 : screenshots

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