Happy new year 2021 and what is coming soon !

First of all, i wish you an happy new year 2021 ! This was a difficult year for a lot of people, and i hope the best for you for this new year.

As you may have seen, i was not able to post new content the last few weeks. I was busy with really life and to be honest, this end of the year was very difficult for me. MCWorlds is a side project, so i could not find the time to work on it. But do not worry, i really love what i do here, and you should get many news things very soon.

Let’s see what i will do to start 2021 :

  • I will update all premade servers to 1.16.4, this should be done for middle of January.
  • I will start to release new best seeds very soon, i am still searching for the bests and i will share them with you starting this monday.
  • I will release new premade servers for 1.16.4, the next one will come this month.
  • I will release two free survival servers hosted by me by the end of January or start of February.
  • I am working on a crazy project, i will tell you about it later, but i hope the idea will please you. This will be free too.
  • Once all of this is done, i will open the premium servers hosted by me. This is to help me generate money to handle the cost of MCWorlds and to be able to grow this project. A way to support my work with access to survivals servers with premium plugins and much more. I will also find a way to give me a one time help, this has been asked a few times already.

As you can see, this is pretty ambitious. Be sure i will do my best to reach my goals. I also wanted to tell you about the way i think i will handle the 1.17 that should release around the middle of 2021.


What about the 1.17 of Minecraft ?

I realized that it is very time consuming to start supporting a new version of Minecraft right when it releases. It is even more a problem when you get corrupted maps, malfunction plugins and much more when an update happen. To be able to produce the best and to stop trying to keep with it, i will mainly work on 1.16.4 until a good version of 1.17 will be released. May be it will be 1.17.1 or 1.17.2, i don’t know, we will see.

Sure, people want to get the last possible version when it comes to survival servers. But bugs are frustrating, when you get a corrupted map or need to use a backup, it is even more frustrating for the players. Also, my time is not unlimited, i prefer to work on something stable and not face all the bugs and complains of the players, i do not have the time for that.


Thank you

I just wanted to thanks everyone that follows me. I have received messages from people that enjoy my work and also want to play on my own servers. I even get a few people that wanted to send me money to support MCWorlds. That is very kind of you and i will make that possible soon. Until then, i want to grow MCWorlds a bit more and show to everyone my dedication to create a nice place for everyone around Minecraft Java Edition and survival servers (and maybe some games too !).

Let’s make 2021 a great year for MCWorlds, i hope to see you soon here and on my Discord for more. Take care all !

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