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How i find the best seeds for Minecraft Java

I wanted to publish a post about how i do to find the best seeds for Minecraft Java. First of all, a seed is a number that generate a specific world, there are so many possible seeds that looking for a good one is hard. I consider that the best seeds give a nice starting area but the most important is the access to as much biomes as possible at a reasonable distance. At the moment, the overworld has 66 biomes.  Usually, in multiplayer for a survival server, i like to use 5K square worlds : it means going from location -5000 -5000 to +5000 +5000.


My process to find the best seeds

First of all, i use Amidst, a Java application that allow to generate a map from a seed or from a random seed. Amidst allow many other things like locating strongholds or temples for example. I am only interested in the capacity of Amidst to generate the map with a specific color for each biome. At the moment, i use 2 computers at home that automatically generate 5K maps from random seeds and save the screenshots to a folder. The 2 computers run 24/24 to generate those screenshots. The process take a bit of time, it was quite slow for version 1.14.4 when i started my project but faster for version 1.15.2.

Once i have generated around 5000 maps, i upload them to a dedicated server. I program in PHP/MySQL, so i made a script that take each screenshot and scan all the pixels to see which biomes are present and analyse the density for each of them. I also look at the center of the map, a square of 300 blocks to be precise, to take note of the center area biomes. Once the screenshot is scanned, all of the information are stored in a MySQL database.

Last week, i made multiple scripts that allow me to search the database. At the moment, i have 50.000 maps and it’s rising every day, the full process is working as intended now. I was able to get my first 5 seeds with 66 biomes inside a 5K map size, so i find a seed with all available biomes from that size every 10.000 screenshots approximately. The starting area is not always great, so it’s not that easy to get a perfect seed, but it’s working and i will share my work with all of you.

To made it simple :

  • I use Amidst to automatically generate screenshots of random seeds of a 5K maps
  • I upload those screenshots on my dedicated server
  • I scan those screenshots in PHP to analyse them
  • I store those information in a MySQL database
  • I use scripts to search the database and find what i’m looking for

At the moment, my dedicated server take less time to analyse a screenshot than i need to generate one at home, so i can keep up. I store everything, but the need of more storage will become a problem as those screenshots are taking quite a lot of space and i like to keep everything. I could focus on seeds with 64+ biomes and delete the rest, but i like to keep them all as some seeds are very interesting, even with less biomes, for example massive ocean and things like that. I will see how to handle that later.


What about seeds for solo maps ?

Quite a lot of people like to play in single player, servers are not for everyone. That’s why i decided to see what i was able to do with smaller maps. I started to generate 2K maps, going from -2000 -2000 to +2000 +2000. That’s quite small and i was afraid to find a lot less biomes. My main computer do that during the night and i generated 50.000 screenshots and did the same process with them. It’s probably almost impossible to find the max number of biomes in this size, but i was curious to see the result.

My best find at the moment is a map with 59 biomes in a 2K size ! I found a few one with 55+ biomes, which is not bad at all and could offer to a lot of people some very nice maps to play with. I’ll post about them on my blog and Discord, so you will be able to enjoy playing with them. Stay tuned, it’s coming soon.


Example of a 5K map for 1.15.2

Here is an example of a 5K map for Minecraft Java 1.15.2. This map has 65 out of 66 biomes available. You will get the seed and much more soon !

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