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How to install a schematic in Minecraft with WorldEdit

For my premade servers, i use schematics to take care of the buildings, that allows me to easily install them where i want without the need to build them again. To do that, i use WorldEdit, a plugin that stores a building in a file to install it everywhere you want. In this guide, i will show you how to do it, so you will be able to use my schematics that will be available to everyone.


Install WorldEdit and schematics

The first step is to download and install WorldEdit. Just follow this link and get the jar file. You need to put the file in your plugins folder and start your server. Once your server is started, you will find in the plugins folder the WorldEdit folder. From there, just create the folder “schematics” inside it. You are done, you can put the schematics that you download in this folder to load them in the game.


Install the schematics in the game

We are already at the best part ! You log into Minecraft and you find the location of the schematic that you want to install. I will install a schematic of a small building used to go the resources world in one of my premade servers. Let’s say this place look nice and you want to install it here :

The first step is to load the schematic in memory. You just need to know the name of the file, in this case it is : “premade-portals-resources.schem”. You type :

//schematic load premade-portals-resources

The schematic of the building is now in memory. You need to know that the schematic will be place exactly where the player that created it was. So, the building won’t always be placed exactly where you want. That is not a problem. When i save a building into a schematic, i put myself at the entrance. So, you will need to try and see. You only need to type one command for the building to appear :


The building appear a few seconds later. In this case, the building appear on the right and i wanted it in front of me :

That is not a problem ! First, you remove the building you just placed :


Now, you need to rotate the building, so it will appear in front of you. To rotate it, you need one command, depending of how you want it, you can rotate 90°, 180° or 270°. In my case, i need to rotate the building 270° :

//rotate 270

Then, just place the building again :


And you are done !

As you can see, it is very easy to use schematics. I will provide all my work for you so you can download and use them. I have a quite nice spawn to provide you soon !

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