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How to become OP and whitelist on my premade Minecraft servers

Once you have downloaded a premade Minecraft server, you may want to become OP (operator) on the server. By default, the premade servers are whitelisted, it means that you need to be added to the whitelist to be able to join the server. Let’s see how to become OP and how to add yourself, then someone else, to the whitelist. You can also disable the whitelist, that will made everyone able to join your server.


How to become OP

Once you launched your server, the easy way to become operator is to go to the console. My Minecraft username is Sharas and i want to become operator on the server, i just type :

op Sharas

And it’s done. You get the message “Made Sharas a server operator”. Do not forget to add yourself to the whitelist with this command :

whitelist add Sharas

You are ready to log on your server and enjoy playing it. Once you become an operator, you can use commands to administrate your server and you can use all the plugins functionality available to you.


How to add a player to the whitelist

Once you are an operator, you can add player to the whitelist the same way you did for yourself. That’s the first way to do it. You type this command in the console :

whitelist add [username]

You can also do it from the game, you are an operator and have access to the whitelist command. You have to type this command, that’s the same than the previous one but with a slash :

/whitelist add [username]

To remove a player from the whitelist, you use “remove”. The player will be kicked from the game as the “enforce-whitelist” is set to true in the server.properties file.

/whitelist remove [username]


How to disable the whitelist

If you play on you local network with people you trust, you may prefer to remove the whitelist to not be bother by it. To do it, you have to edit the server.properties file. This file is in the main folder, open it with Notepad++ and go to the line : white-list=true. You replace “true” by “false” and you are done.


The next time you start your server, everyone will be able to join it.

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