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How to reset a world on my premade Minecraft server since 1.16

The way you reset a world on my premade survival Minecraft servers has changed since 1.16. Here is new version of the guide that was published in may. From now, it will be more easier. First of all, my premade servers now have a “spawn” world. This is the default world, so all the players informations are stored in this world and you do not need to reset it ever.


Why reset a world

You can have multiple reasons to reset a world, but usually that is to give more resources to your players. On my free and premium servers, i reset from time to time the overworld that is used to collect resources, the nether and the end. Remember that when you reset a world, you delete everything from this world and make it back in the state it was when you started playing the server for the first time. So do not reset the build world, where your players and you are building.


How to reset a world

Before resetting a world, ask your players to leave this world. You can simply announce the reset a bit before doing it, so everyone will be safe. Why ? If you reset the Nether for example, and someone logged out while mining in it, the blocks will be restore and the player will die from suffocation as he will be stuck in a wall when he will connect again.

Now, download the fresh server from my blog and unzipped it somewhere. You need to download the same version of the server. Once you have downloaded and unzipped the server in his fresh state, stop your server and make a backup, it is better to be cautious if something goes wrong.

From now, things changed. You will probably encountered two situations most of the time. One without an overworld as a resources world, and one with an overworld as a resources world. Let me show you this with pictures :

Reset without overworld resources

This is the first case. You have your spawn world, with a nice spawn and data from players stored. Then, you have 3 worlds : world_build, world_nether and world_the_end. You may want to reset the Nether and the End from time to time. Let’s see the second case.

Reset with overworld resources

As you can see, there is a world called world_resources. I like to use a world for resources so people do not destroy everything to collect resources where they build. But it is up to everyone and i usually offer multiple versions of my premade servers for you to choose.

Let’s say that you want to reset the Nether :

  • Delete the folder “world_nether” in your server
  • Locate the “world_nether” folder from the fresh server and move it to your server folder

You are done ! The Nether is now reset and players will have a fresh Nether world with the portals working fine. If you want to reset The End or the resources overworld, just do the same. After starting your server, you may want to reset the CoreProtect database, i explain this below.


Reset your CoreProtect database

CoreProtect is the plugin that log everything on your server to handle stealing or griefing. You can disable some worlds, but by default everything is logged for all worlds. As you reset some worlds, the data stored in the database of CoreProtect will need to be removed. So, after starting your server, you just have to type one command for each world you did a reset  :

/co purge t:30d r:world_nether

With that command, you remove all data from the world “world_nether” stored since 30 days. Do it for each of the worlds you made a fresh version and change the number of days to match your last reset of the world. If you can’t remember, you can easily put an higher number such as t:100d for example.


Need help ?

If you need help and you don’t know what to do, do not hesitate to come to my Discord, i will do my best to help you with any issue you may encountered.

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