Basic use of CoreProtect

How to use CoreProtect to find and rollback stealers and griefers

With every premade server, i install CoreProtect by default. This plugin is very effective to find griefers and rollback what they did. Usually, i do not give a second chance to someone, if i find a suspicious behavior, the player is banned from the server. CoreProtect logged about everything that happens on your server, from someone taking an item in a chest to someone placing a block or opening a door. This guide will help you use the main features of this plugin to help your players when needed.

Most of the time, you will use CoreProtect for three problems : Some items have been stolen from a chest, a building has been griefed or someone has built something stupid in your landscape. All of this will only require two commands to handle those situations.


How to use CoreProtect for chest

Let’s say i built a very nice house and someone has stolen my diamant sword in my chest !

You teleport to the player and you will inspect the chest. First, you need to switch to “inspect mode” with this command :

/co i

Now, you right click on the chest and you will know all that happens with that chest :

As you can see, i added a few items in the chest, but the evil “SharasMC” came to my house and took my diamond sword and a stack of birch logs. In a few seconds, you know what happened, who is the culprit and when he did it. You can now take action against the player and rollback the chest with a simple command. Stand near the chest and type :

/co rollback t:10m r:2

This command will rollback the status of everything around 2 blocks of you how it was 10 minutes ago. The thief has stolen 5 minutes ago, so that will do it.  You can specify to only rollback items taken from chests, that can be practical in case you need to rollback a lot of chests around you, for example with a radius of 20 blocks, you will need to type :

/co rollback t:10m r:20 a:-container

Do not forget to leave inspect mode by typing the command “/co i” again.


How to use CoreProtect for blocks

Sometimes, you will need to check for blocks that has been stolen or if someone has build something stupid in the middle of your town. The process is almost the same, you first switch to inspect mode :

/co i

Let’s say someone came to my house, and change some blocks from cobblestone to sand. You just left click on a block, and you know the history like the chests : Who placed the block, who removed the block and so on. You can take action against that person, but first, we will rollback the griefing so the player will have his house restored. The command is the same, just place yourself where needed, choose a radius and type :

/co rollback t:1m r:10

With that command, i will roll back everything around 10 blocks of me as it was 1 minute ago. Here is an example of the result :

When you roll back, you can use weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds as time, you can also specify what kind of rollback you want, have a look at that guide for more. There are also other commands, but with this you can handle most of the problems. If you want to learn more about CoreProtect, just visit the official page on Spigot or come to our Discord for some help.

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