MCWorlds : Minecraft 1.16, seeds, free and premium servers

Last month, i started my project MCWorlds. I try to spend as much time as i can to add more contents for everyone and i am very happy with this start. Today, i want to tell you what is going on right now, what will happen with the Minecraft 1.16, my search for the best seeds, the free premade servers that you can download and the free/premium servers hosted on my dedicated servers.


MCWorlds : Minecraft 1.16

Minecraft Java 1.16 is around the corner with a great update of the Nether, news functionalities and quite a lot of bugs fixes. To be honest, even if i want to play this new version, i do not like to jump right into it : first of all there will be more updates and bugs fixes in the next weeks after the release. We will probably see 1.16.1 or more. Sometimes, it breaks a few things, i like to wait for a more stable version than the first release.

You probably know right now that i use PaperMC for my servers. It will take a bit of time to have a stable version too. I also enhance all my servers with plugins that need to be compatible with the 1.16 version of Minecraft. All of this can take weeks. I will not try to be the first for everything related to 1.16. I will wait for everything to be more stable. When i will be able to provide 1.16 servers that are great to enjoy with quality plugins, you will see 1.16 contents on MCWorlds.

About plugins, some authors will release updates for the 1.16, but some will not dot it. Since a few years, i saw great plugins that never updated and have been lost forever. I will keep creating 1.15.2 free premade servers with the best available plugins for me until i switch to 1.16.


MCWorlds : Seeds in 1.16

Most 1.15.2 best seeds should be fine with 1.16. I will confirm that later once my process to search for seeds will be update to 1.16. Once again, i want you to be cautious, worlds created with 1.16 pre-released 1 were corrupted once the pre-released 2 went out. We don’t know what will happens, so let’s wait a bit there too, we never know if a nasty bug will corrupt a new world.


MCWorlds : Free/Premium servers

I have been working for 2 weeks now on free servers for everyone to play on it. The first one should open soon and will offer a great survival experience with custom worlds. Because of the Covid-19, i had to wait to get the dedicated servers needed to run those Minecraft servers, but i was able to rent the first one last week and i will setup everything this week while the first free server worlds are being pre-generated.

I do not forget about the premium servers. This is important for me as it is part of the bonus people can get by supporting me. I know it will takes some times before people start supporting me, and that is normal, i need to show to everyone my dedication to continue and offer as much free contents as possible. So, i will keep working on my premium 1.16 servers as soon as possible.

Thank you everyone !

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