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Minecraft shaders : My 3 best shaders for Java 1.15.2

It is impossible for me to play Minecraft without shaders. It brings so much to the game that since i started using them, i cannot come back ! Today, i wanted to present you the 3 best shaders for me. I tried quite a lot of them and i do not like when colors are too bright. I like to keep a cosy atmosphere, bring a little more life to the game, have great water and also lights.

First of all, remember that you need to install optifine first. That is really easy, just go to this website and download the last version available. Optifine allows you to install shaders, but also brings many improvements to the game, you can get the game smoother and gain FPS by installing it. It takes just a few seconds, and you are ready to go. At the moment 1.16 is not yet supported, you need to download the last supported version that is a 1.15.2 pre-release.


How to install a shaders

Once you have installed optifine, launch Minecraft and select : options > videos settings > Shaders. Once you are there, click the button on the left lower side of the screen the “Shaders Folder”. Now, you just have to put your shaders file there and you can select it in the list. Each shaders have a set of options to modify it to your needs. It can run out of the box, but sometimes i found some shaders a bit too dark during the night, so you can generally set the light a bit higher.


My 3 best shaders

Let’s start with a screenshot of the game without shaders, so you can compare later :


My number one is BSL Shaders : This shaders is capable of bringing life to the game while keeping colors soft and peaceful. This is my main shaders, i really like the water, probably the best of the three. Sadly, this shaders had problems with early version of optifine, but everything is back to normal now, and you can enjoy the game with it again. Here is a screenshot that will give you a good idea of it :

BSL Shaders

You can download it here.


My number two is Chocapic13 : While i had problem with BSL, i found Chocapic13 to replace it. What i really enjoy about this shaders is the quality of the lights. You get everything else like great water, the animations, a soft sky and more. The colors are a bit more brights during the day and also sharpers, it is very clear and give a great look to the buildings. The only downside for me is the night, i had to raise the light to 1000 (moon illuminance), it was too dark but it depends of everyone. Let’s see this with a screenshot :

Chocapic13 Shaders

You can download it here.


My number three is Sildurs Vibrant : To be honest, it was difficult to choose between Chocapic13 and Sildurs Vibrant for the second and third place. Sildurs Vibrant is in the middle of the two others. The colors are great, less sharper than Chocapic13, and that is not bad if you look for something more smooth. The rest is great and this shaders offer multiple downloads depending of you computer performances. It is a good news, you do not need a top tier computer to run a shaders and enjoy the game with them. As always, a screenshot talk more, let’s see it :

Sildurs Vibrant Shaders

You can download it here.


This is my selection of the moment. I will come back later in a few weeks/months, at the moment we will have to wait for Optifine to release a 1.16 version to enjoy shaders.

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