Minecraft java 1.16.2

Minecraft java 1.16.2 is released

Today, the version 1.16.2 of the Minecraft Java edition has been released. More than 150 bugs have been fixed and you also get a few news additions. You can find the full patch note on the official website, i will not put all the text here, just have a look at the link if you are interested.


Minecraft java 1.16.2 and MCWorlds

I was waiting for this update. I did quite a lot of work and soon, you should be able to download multiple premade survival servers for 1.16.2. I have to generate a new Nether for each servers, update the plugins when needed and i hope that starting next week, you will get quite a lot of contents coming.

I will also be able to release the two first free survival servers : Waterlands and Vastlands. I have been working on them since a few weeks.

As you may know, i am using PaperMC as a server, they already on it and the new version will not be long before i will be able to work on my servers again. Until then, i will publish some new seeds for the 1.16.2, i have found some great one to share with you, i am reaching 700.000 seeds in my database, and it is still growing everyday.

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