Minecraft java 1.16.3 released

Minecraft java 1.16.3 is released

Today, the Minecraft java 1.16.3 version has been released. This is a small update to fix two bugs. For MCWorlds, this should not be a problem, i will test everything and give you soon a 1.16.3 version of the free premade Minecraft servers released last week. I am still working on new premade servers and the free servers that will be hosted by MCWorlds. As always, i am waiting for the release of PaperMC 1.16.3, this should not take long.


Minecraft java 1.16.3 fixed bugs

Here are the 2 fixed bugs :

  • Giving an item and a gold ingot to a baby piglin and killing it duplicates the item
  • Piglins, Piglin Brutes, Hoglins and Zoglins have trouble pathfinding to the player when attacking

You can see the official page of this release here.

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