Minecraft 1.17 part 1

Minecraft 1.17 part 1 for Java is released

Today, Minecraft 1.17 part 1 has been released. As i told you before, this update is in 2 parts, the first do not bring the most important features that will come with the part 2 at the end of the year but you will have the chance to enjoy news things. As often, i do not put the full patch notes, you can find it on the official website here.


What does it mean for MCWorlds ?

At the moment, nothing. I realized that working on a fresh new update is more an headache than pleasure. We will have bugs fixes, plugins won’t work as intended, it will take me too much time to keep with it and players will get frustrated. Some people like to play on the last version, you will have to wait. the 1.16.5 version is now very stable and many plugins are well optimized and almost bugs free. This is the moment to do nice things with this version.

I will wait for all the rush, the stress, the maps that break and everything else while enjoying all the work i did for 1.16.5. This is the time for me to release my servers i worked hard those last months. As you may know, MCWorlds is a side project but i put a lot of my time on it. I want you to enjoy survival and experience new things, like custom worlds, funny plugins, an harder version of the game and so on.

I have my birthday in a few days, and this will marked the opening of my servers, one by one. I really hope you will enjoy my work. All that will release will be free, no donor perks, no ranks, nothing that will make a player at a higher rank that another.

Thank you to all of you that keep with me !

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