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Minecraft Java seeds 1.16 are the same as 1.15.2

I spent an hour doing as much testing as possible with the new release of AMIDST that add support to Minecraft Java 1.16.1 and i have a good news for you : All the seeds that i generated with 1.15.2 are exactly the same as 1.16.1. It means that my database of seeds is good to go ! I tested 30+ seeds and all the biomes are at the same location without even a small change.

I worked hard to be able to generate that database, and i am happy to be able to use all of that work for 1.16. My previous posts about 1.15.2 seeds are good to use for your 1.16 worlds.


Seeds comparison

Here are 2 maps : The first one is from 1.15.2 and the second one is from 1.16.1. As you can see, they are exactly the same.

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