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Minecraft plugin : Advanced Portals

For my premade servers, i use the plugin Advanced Portals. This is a free plugin that let you create custom portals to travel around your worlds. It is very effective and i never encountered any problem with it, even with hundreds of portals. When using my premade servers, you will see that all my portals are made with it. This change a bit the survival experience but not that much, traveling with portals is a good way to make builds more accessible to everyone. This post will help you create portals with this plugin, the process is very easy.


Why do i create portals for survival servers ?

First, i would like to explain why i like using portals in survival servers. A few years ago, i used to travel between places with a nether hub on my servers. In the nether, you travel 8 times faster and it was an easy way to go around the world. But i realized that even if it is faster, people don’t take the time to travel around to see what other players do. From there, i decided that i was going to use portals from spawn to travel to the players houses, towns, castles or all the builds that you can imagine.

Players still have to work and travel to get resources, but they can go easily to there place once they found a good location. And it was a good idea, because portals allow to visit other players very quickly and it is always rewarding to see his work visited by others. Here is one of my portals room from the premium skylands server to give you and idea of what is possible to do.


How to create portals with this plugin ?

Let’s see the interesting part of this post. Usually, i just put myself in creative mode before starting :

/gamemode creative

– First you need to create a destination, the place where the portal will teleport you. This destination can be use by multiple portals, so it’s easy to send back a lot of portals to the spawn for example. Place yourself exactly where you want the player to teleport and what he will see, choose a name for the destination and then type this command :

/desti create [name]

– Now, you can go to the location of your portal. Advanced Portals allows to create almost all kind of shapes. We will make a simple portal, with smooth quartz for example. Then, we will ask for the tool to select each side of the portal :

/portal selector

Once you get the tool, just left click the lower left side of the portal, and right click the upper right side of the portal. You have selected the portal, now you just have to create it with this command :

/portal create name:[portalname] desti:[name] triggerblock:WATER

For the portal name, choose something easy to remember. The destination is the one you created earlier. The triggerblock is what the player has to touch to be teleported, you have to fill the portal with the block you choose. Most of the time, i use water, but you can use all blocks that can be crossed, you can even use air (AIR). If everything goes well, you got a message that the portal is created. You are done.


How to delete a destination or a portal

If you want to delete a destination, use this command :

/desti remove [name]

if you want to delete a portal, use this command :

/portal remove [portalname]

There you go ! If you have more question about this plugin, just use my Discord or go to the plugin page on Spigot for a complete guide about it.

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