Moved hosting of the premade servers files

A small update to tell you that i moved the hosting of all the premade servers. All the links are now pointing to a new dedicated server with a bandwidth of 500 Mbps. This is a first step to make the download of the premade servers more efficient. The files are hosted in Europe with a quality bandwidth for all the world.

As i told you, this is the first step. I am still looking for a second way to make all servers available if people still have slow download speed. It must be a long term solution without any advertisement that will be quite fast. The major problem is the price, i do not want to bother you with a free service that will be painful to download from.

If you still have problem to get my premade servers, do not hesitate to tell me on MCWorlds Discord. I will do my best to provide you another solution. Thank you all for so many downloads, my premade servers are played by a lot of people and that is really rewarding for all the time i spend working on them.


Why are the premade servers so big ?

Some people asked me why my premade servers can be up to 10Gb in size, sometimes a bit more. That is quite simple : All worlds are pre-generated, it means that all chunks of all worlds are created. This is an important part of removing the lag created by players that explore your server. With a pre-generated server, you will have no lag from players, even on low end computers or shared hosting. This is one of the most recommended action to optimize your server. This will ensure that you and your players will play with the best possible experience.


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