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New spawn for the free premade survival servers from 1.16

As i told you in my previous post, the spawn has now change for the free premade survival servers. From now, you get a full world dedicated to the spawn with a place more suitable to enjoy your server, i hope this will give a more professional look to your server. All you need will be available in this place, you will also get a dedicated room to be able to create portals to the players builds. Today, i wanted to present you my work !

The new spawn

You will spawn in the middle of the place and you will need only a few seconds to access the build world, the ressources worlds and the portals room, depending of the premade server you choose. Each spawn are slightly modified to suit every type of premade servers, you will get the spawn you need and no work will be needed to start playing with the premade servers. Here are 6 screenshots of the new place :


The new spawn portals room

The portals room is here to help you build easily portals to your players locations. The room allows 80 portals to be create and it is possible to expand it if needed. The room is located right under the spawn and you access it by using the portals on each side of the spawn. An easy way to visit the work of your players and to link everyone together. Here are 2 screenshots of the portals room :


New premade servers coming soon

The new premade servers will start to release very soon, i have already 6 of them almost done.

Thank you for your support and the hundreds of download already done for my 1.15.2 premade servers. Be sure you will get high quality servers ready to play !

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    26th August 2020
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    26th August 2020

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