News of MCWorlds this October 2020

Hello everyone ! I wanted to give you some news about what is going on for MCWorlds right now. First of all, sorry for not releasing a new premade server this week, nor i was able to post something new. I was ill during a few days and one of my dog is not feeling well, she is a 12 years old belgian tervuren, and she had epileptic crisis last month and she feels very nervous and lost some evenings. This week, i had to take care of her almost every evening, i was not able to work has i wanted.


Coming soon on MCWorlds

At the moment, i am working on multiple things for MCWorlds, here is what is coming as soon as possible :

  • New page with quick access to premade servers : To help you find more easily what premade servers are available, i will post everything on one page. This should help you have a quick access to all premade servers available.
  • New download server : I need to upgrade the download server, it is quite slow sometimes, so i am migrating everything on a new server. With hundreds of download, i want everyone to be able to access everything quickly. I will also provide a second way to download the premade servers, an alternative will help some of you to get what you want.
  • Free hosted survival servers : This is one of my top priorities right now. I will open 3 free servers, whitelisted, so you can enjoy playing survival for free, without donor perks, shop or anything. This will be truly free and one of them will be a nice challenge that i will try to reach with all of you. The first one should be ready in 2 weeks from now.
  • Premade survival servers : More premade servers are coming. The next one will have dungeons to explore.
  • Discord : It is time for me to take care of the Discord of MCWorlds with the coming of my survival servers. Some changes will be made soon.

Thank you all for your support. I really enjoy working on MCWorlds. Be sure that i do my best to take as much time as possible for you all.

Take care everyone !

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