News of MCWorlds and me this March 2021

Hello everyone ! Sorry for the lack of news this year, i was very busy with real life, not always in a good way. I know this is not a blog about my life, but MCWorlds means a lot for me, it is a project that i really put as much time as possible in it, and i wanted to tell you what happened and what is coming soon.

First of all, you may know that i like dogs. I adopted most of them since 15 years, and i had 2 of them very sick since January. After taking care of those two and spending many nights awake, they are going better. They are still under medication, but they should recover soon.

Since September last year, i also started studying to become a dog trainer, behaviorist and animal assisted therapy. Sadly, my puppy that should have followed me during all this training got sick too around the age of 2 months, he is now 5 months and is only starting to get better. I had to make a choice and i decided to stop my studies and take care of him. That is quite a lot of time and money, but i could not let him go, he is my dog now and i do my best for him too.

Last month, i fell very hard, hit my head two times, and i now have a concussion. I am under medication, at the beginning i could not handle the light and had horrible headaches. I start feeling better and in a few weeks this should be almost gone.

On top of that, with Covid-19, life is not easy and i have to take care of many things. I know many people are suffering from it, we are not living something good. Please, take care of yourself and your family. One day, all of this will be behind us.


What is coming on MCWorlds

Let’s talk about something that should interest you more ! I never stopped working on MCWorlds, even if sometimes i had to put it on the side a little bit. I’m working on 4 things right now :

  1. To prepare a 1.16.5 version of all the premade servers. A lot of plugins have updated, PaperMC has also progress a lot, so this work takes time.
  2. To prepare 4 survival servers that will help covering the costs of MCWorlds and help me a bit in life (i hope). I will not make servers with donor perks, shop and all those things. I will simply ask for a small contribution to get access to all the 4 servers and everyone will enjoy the same experience. They will be hosted on high quality dedicated server and you will enjoy premium plugins, custom worlds and many other things.
  3. To prepare a big project that everyone will be able to join for free ! This is still in the work, you will not see it before end of april.
  4. I want to test many things, and i will host servers for you to join and play for free too. I just rented the server and i will open the first one during april.

Be sure i will do my best to do it in time. Something i learned is that it is much better to work on the last stable version of Minecraft with mature plugins. I will not rush 1.17 version, it will change many things, we should have bugs fixes and all, i will wait for a stable version before starting working on it. I made the error with 1.16 to try to rush as much as possible and i lost a lot of time.


Thank you

Take care of you all. Do not hesitate to join my Discord : I know it is not very active at the moment, but it will change a lot soon. Thank you !

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