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Optifine 1.16.1 available for download

I just wanted to give you a small news about Optifine. As you may know, i enjoy playing Minecraft with shaders, it brings so much to the experience that i waited for Optifine to release the 1.16.1 version eagerly. It has been in development in the past weeks, the developer worked very hard and you can right now download a stable version on the official website !

Click here to go the the download page of Optifine

Optifine is not only useful for shaders. It brings a lot more to Minecraft, one of the first reason to use it is a gain in FPS and a smoother gameplay. I recommend you to read the official website for the list of improvements you can get from Optifine.


Shaders in Optifine

Not too long ago, i did a post about my top 3 shaders for 1.15.2. I still use those 3 and this post is still a good reference if you want to start enjoying Minecraft with some of the best shaders available. Just to give you a few examples, here are 2 screenshots of the “almost ready” Waterlands free server, without and with shaders. I use the last BSL version. Enjoy !

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