Schematics premade 1

Premade servers classic : schematics

The free premade Minecraft server classic is available to download since a few days. You can find the 3 versions here :

For this version, i use a few small buildings with all the portals needed to travel the worlds. Today, the schematics of the 4 buildings are available for download.


Schematics : download

The file is quite small, you can download it here :


Schematics : How to use them

If you want to install those buildings in one of your server, you need to use WorldEdit. I wrote a guide that you can read here :

You should have no problem to use them, it is very easy. I will provide all the buildings used for MCWorlds !


Schematics : Screenshots

Here are the screenshots of those schematics with the name :

1. premade-spawn-2portals

Schematics premade 1 - 1

2. premade-portal-loc

Schematics premade 1 - 2

3. premade-portal-nether

Schematics premade 1 - 3

4. premade-portal-end

Schematics premade 1 - 4

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