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Premade servers Skyland : schematics

Like i did for the classic premade servers, you can now download the schematics from the Skyland premade servers. You can find the 3 versions here :

For this premade server, i used 5 small buildings. That allows the server to be ready to play right from the start and travel around the worlds. You can download the schematics of those buildings here and see a list of screenshots below.


Schematics : download

The file is quite small, you can download it here :


Schematics : How to use them

If you want to install those buildings in one of your server, you need to use WorldEdit. I wrote a guide that you can read here :

You should have no problem to use them, it is very easy. I will provide all the buildings used for MCWorlds !


Schematics : Screenshots

Here are the screenshots of those schematics with the name :

1. premade-spawn-3portals

Premade Skyland schematics 1

2. premade-portal-bigresources

Premade Skyland schematics 2

3. premade-portal-loc

Premade Skyland schematics 3

4. premade-portal-nether

Premade Skyland schematics 4

5. premade-portal-end

Premade Skyland schematics 5

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