Premium Skylands

First premium survival server opened : Skylands

To support MCWorlds, i wanted to offer a way to give back to people that will help me. One of the way is by opening 5 survivals servers, all hosted on high quality dedicated servers. Those servers will not have donor perks or anything like that, every player will enjoy the same experience. I take care of everyone by offering support in case of griefing, harassment and more. I have a zero tolerance against people that want to disturb the experience of others. By supporting me on Patreon, you will get a full access to all servers (all details here).

Today, i open the first one : Skylands. You will be able to enjoy 7 worlds and build on one of the three maps in the sky. You can find all information on my Discord, here is a description of this server and some screenshots. I am working on the second server right now, it will be Waterlands with a great premium plugin customized.


Skylands : Story

The world has became more and more dangerous at the point that we were unable to live in peace. It was time for us to find new lands to live. We were able to build a small protected place hidden in the woods to start our new life and we have finally find new peaceful lands to start everything again : the skylands. Those news lands are safe and are now connected to our hidden place. But to start everything, we need resources and we still have to face those terrible monsters to get what we need. Are you strong enough to collect resources and build the place of your dream ? Find your island in the sky and build your dream place to settle down !


Skylands : Presentation

This server give you the chance to play in the skylands ! It is time for you to find your place and start building your house, your town or whatever you want. This is a survival server with 3 skylands maps and 3 resources maps with a 64 biomes overworld to get all the resources needed. Here are the features of the server :

  • 3 Skylands maps with 3 differents biomes (see the screenshots below).
  • Overworld, Nether and the End to collect your resources all connected to a nice spawn. The maps are reset every few weeks.
  • Ability to temporary fly in the skylands to find your island easily.
  • Equipment and experience are store in a grave for 3 hours when you die.
  • All monsters have levels ranging from 1 to 10. They are much harder to kill, be ready !
  • Animals can be capture with eggs to bring them back to your island.
  • Avoid Phantoms by simply sleeping in a bed for a second.
  • A Portal to your place from the spawn can be created on demand.
  • One player sleep to skip the night.
  • All actions are logged and can be rolled back in case of griefing.
  • Anti-hack protection.

Please read the #about channel on my Discord to know how to join this server and the rules for all my servers.


Skylands : Screenshots

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