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How to protect your spawn on my premade Minecraft servers

On my premade Minecraft servers, everyone can interact with the public builds like the spawn. Usually, that is not a problem when you play with friends. But, you may want to protect those builds so nobody can damage them or take a piece of them for example. To do that, you need to install a plugin that will make those builds unbreakable to everyone except you. The usual way is to use the plugin WorldGuard, that require WorldEdit and a permission plugin. I prefer to use GriefPrevention and a permission plugin, i will explain you why and how to do it in this post.


Why GriefPrevention to protect the public builds

GriefPrevention is a plugin that allows players to protect their builds by themselves. Players put a chest on the ground, a small place become protected and they can build inside : nobody will be able to grief that place. The more time the players spend on your server, the more space they are able to protect by upgrading the size with a golden shovel. It is a nice way to put less pressure on you, but this plugin needs a bit of tuning as i find it a bit restrictive. For OP, you can put yourself in admin mode, protect easily the public builds and even restore nature that has been griefed, you have no limits in term of size.

In the case of a small survival server, you may want to protect the public builds with GriefPrevention, but not give the abilities to players to do it for their builds. CoreProtect is installed on all my servers, and it is very easy to handle griefing with it, i will make a guide about it very soon. So we will now see how to install this plugin, configure it, and protect the public builds in a few minuts.


First step : Download the plugins

It is time to enter the world of permissions plugins. The idea is to give you the access to all commands of GriefPrevention, while disabling all commands for the players. I recommend LuckPerms, this plugin is very effective, easy to use and well maintained. Follow the link and download LuckPerms, then put the file in the “plugins” folder. Once installed, you will not need to configure anything, you can use it “out of the box”.

Then, it is time to download GriefPrevention. You download it by following the link and also put the file in the “plugins” folder. You will need to modify a little bit the config file, so just launch your server and once the server is ready, stop it, so the config file of GriefPrevention will be created.


Second step : Configure GriefPrevention config file

You will need to modify the config file of GriefPrevention. As always, i recommend you to use Notepad++. You can find the file in the plugins folder > GriefPreventionData folder. Open the file “config.yml” with Notepad++, you have to check two things.

First, you need to check if your worlds are in “survival” mode. It is at the beginning of the file :

Second step, you need to set the AutomaticNewPlayerClaimsRadius to -1 so people do not activate protection when they put a chest on the ground  :

Third step, you need to remove the book that people receive at first login :

GriefPrevention Manual

You are done with the configuration file. Save it and you can go to the next step.


Third step : Set the permissions

Now, you can launch your server, we are almost done. First, you need to get full access to LuckPerms. My username for Minecraft is Sharas, replace it with your username. You have to type that in the console :

lp user Sharas permission set luckperms.* true

After that, you need to disable GriefPrevention for the players. You have to type 3 commands in the console :

lp creategroup member
lp group default parent add member
lp group member permission set griefprevention.* false

You have create the group “member” that is linked to the “default” group that every player is set when he first log in. Then, you set to “false” GriefPrevention, that means that all the players can’t use the plugin. One last command to enter in the console and you will be allowed to use GriefPrevention yourself :

lp user Sharas permission set griefprevention.* true

You have finished. You can now log into the game and protect your first building.


Last step : Protecting a building

We will protect a small building with a portal. To to that, you need to equip yourself with a golden shovel. Switch to creative mode (/gamemode creative), give yourself a golden shovel and equip it. Here is our building :

Now, switch into admin mode for GriefPrevention. Do not forget to have the golden shovel equiped :


Next, you right click on one side of the building :

Next, go to the other side of the building and right click too :

Your building is now fully protected, but you need to allow the players to use it like opening containers, doors and such. Stay inside the claim and type :

/containertrust public

That is finished. This building is protected, players can open/close the door but cannot destroy anything. You just have to repeat this everywhere you want for your public builds.

If you need help, do not hesitate to go on my Discord to ask your question.

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