Some news about what is going on this july 2020

Hello everyone ! I wanted to give some news about what is going on right now this july 2020. First of all, i had to take more than a week off because of a medicine that got me ill. Secondly, the release of the 1.16 version of Minecraft Java takes me quite a lot of work before offering quality new contents again. Let’s have a look about what i am working.


News about my work on MCWorlds

Best seeds : Everything is going nicely here, i am able to keep searching after the best seeds for 1.16.1, i will start to post them again starting this week. I had one computer that crashed due to a power outage, no luck. It is back now and i can keep my two computers running for the seeds. The maps take quite a bit of space, i have more than 500.000 now. I will need to upgrade the dedicated server soon, after that i will probably start working on a database for everyone to use. But before that, i have other things to do.

Premade servers : I offer free and ready to use survival Minecraft servers, i switch to 1.16.1 from now. More than 50% of the plugins i use have been updated to 1.16. Sadly, i have problem with others and i contacted a few developers about issues i encounter. Some should be updated soon, but i am less positive with the others. That should be ok, i will search for replacements. The first free premade servers 1.16 will be out as soon as possible, probably by the end of the month. After that, you will have many others versions.

My free servers : I decided to release at least 2 survivals servers that will be available for free. They will be whitelisted and should offer a nice experience without the need to pay for anything. I added multiple premium plugins to enhance the servers. At the moment, all plugins are configured, but i have many problems to generate the maps. Even with high quality dedicated servers, i still have quite a lot of errors, or even more, the servers are not stable enough. I do my best to release them as soon as possible.

My premium servers : To support my work, i started a Patreon. You won’t be able to see it right now, because everything is not as i want. Premium survivals servers will be part of the Patreon bonus, but they will be there later. First, i want to put all my energy on the free stuff.


Thank you

I wanted to thanks everyone that started supporting my work, that keeps me motivated and i want to offer as much as i can to everyone ! Give me a bit more time for PaperMC and plugins to be stable enough and i will offer a lot of new contents. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want.

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