Welcome ! About MCWorlds, Patreon and me

First of all, I want to welcome you to MCWorlds ! I always loved Minecraft since i discovered the game in 2011. During those years, i took care of multiple servers for my friends, guild or even for a larger community. I play the Java edition of Minecraft and what i like the most is survival servers enhanced with plugins. This game has so many possibilities and updates keep coming with many active people that i wanted for a long time to share my experience and work with as many players as possible. I was finally able to start this website !


What will you find on MCWorlds ?

If you are looking to start a server for you and yours friends, you will be able to download fully premade Minecraft servers for free on MCWorlds. Those servers are ready to use, fully pre-generated, with plugins and optimized files. In fact, once downloaded, you just have to run a file and connect to your server ! Those servers can be used locally on your computer or you can install them on a host. I try to make things as simple as possible.

I am also a big fan of seeds. In Minecraft, you can create an incredible number of worlds totally different from each others just from random numbers. Some worlds are nice to play, some are not that good, some are very bad. It is hard to find a great seed to get access to a nice starting area, but also to get access to as many biomes as possible without walking for hours in the game. That’s why i worked hard to be able to find those best seeds. You can learn more about that in the seeds section of my website. In short, i analyse thousands of seeds to look for those that will give you the best experience in the game !

To help you get the most of Minecraft, i will also take my time to give you advice about the best plugins for a great survival experience from my point of view. You will also find review of buildings but also be able to download schematics to use in your worlds. And to help you with all of that, you will get access to guides that will give you tips to get things done quickly and easily.

I recommend you to join MCWorlds Discord. That’s a great place to learn about news posts on my website but also to discuss about Minecraft and gets help when needed.


Who am i ?

My first name is Laurent, but people call me Sharas on the internet since 1998 when i started playing Diablo. I am 48 years old and live in the small country of Belgium. I am a gamer for a long time now and my first step on the internet was in 1995. I’m married since 2019 to a wonderful wife and i love to take care of rescued dogs. Don’t hesitate to contact me, i always do my best to respond as soon as possible. You can do it directly from my website or on Discord, my user name is Sharas#4811.

I hope you will enjoy MCWorlds and help me create a great community. I will do my best to offer you an incredible experience with survival Minecraft servers and even more !


Why a Patreon ?

When i started working on MCWorlds, i realized that it was going to take me time and money. I don’t like advertising on websites, i like a clean and nice place to find what i am looking for and fast and easy download. But MCWorlds needs resources, computers at home to generate seeds, dedicated servers to analyze the seeds and search the best ones, hosting for my Minecraft servers and my website. The free premade Minecraft servers are big files sometimes, so it takes quite a bit of bandwidth and i want to offer a free and reliable download.

From there, i decided that Patreon was a nice option to support my work. But when you decide to support me, i want you to earn something in return. My philosophy is that if you give me something, i want to give you something in return. If you don’t have money to support me, don’t worry : just be there, have fun with all the free stuffs, help each others and be friendly in the community, that’s already great ! I hope one day to be able to earn enough to keep improving MCWorlds, spend more time on it and keep doing my best for all of you.

Let’s start this adventure now !

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